Highlights in 2021

New colours and sizes

We have some good news to announce for the new year of 2021! In response to numerous requests and in order to help you meet market demand, we have again expanded our size and colour range for some of our most popular promotional styles.

Among these you will find our popular Classic-T Organic Unisex (ST2020) made from 100% OCS-certified organically grown cotton. With its new size range from XXS up to amazing 5XL, this eco-friendly bestseller is not only a men’s T-shirt anymore! Thanks to its special shape the Classic-T Organic Unisex offers a perfect fit for both men and women.

Speaking of perfect fit: Our super soft Unisex Sweat Hoodie Select (ST5600) will be your greatest choice when looking for a high-quality unisex hoodie. Available in sizes XS up to 3XL, you can make both male and female customers happy with just one style.
Next to our unisex styles we are also extending our size offer for many of our most popular men’s articles: for example, for our Ben Crew Neck (ST9000), our Sports-T (ST8000), our Sweat Jacket Select (ST5610) or for our Fleece Jacket (ST5030), which are now available up to 3XL. Another top seller we are expanding the size range for, is our beloved classic Polo (ST3000), which from now on comes in a fantastic size range of S to 5XL.

But there is also good news for the ladies in our 2021 collection! We have added size XS for some of our bestselling women’s styles. Ladies, look forward to our figure-hugging ladies T-shirts Claire (ST9700) and Megan (ST9120), that are now available from XS to XL! For our classic Polo (ST3100), the athletic Sports-T (ST8100) and our cosy Fleece Jacket (ST5100) we even took it one step further: each of them is now available from XS up to XXL.

What’s more, we have broadened your choice of colour variants: Young athletes will be excited about the three new colours Blue Midnight, Cyber Yellow and Kiwi Green for our sporty bestseller Sports-T Kids (ST8170). The popular colour Blue Midnight has been added to our top selling styles for women: Classic-T Fitted (ST2600) and Polo (ST3100).

Last chance articles: 40 % discount

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Sustainability: more important to Stedman than ever

You will surely know that we introduced sporty styles made of recycled polyester last year, complementing our eco-friendly organic range. But did this make a difference? We are proud to announce what we achieved so far: Up until today, we have recycled 1.5 million plastic bottles! This means significantly less plastics destined to end up in landfills or our oceans. Plus: lots of resources saved and CO2 emissions avoided.

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